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E-Marketing Collateral: The Lost Term, Now Found

Choose The Best Recent Digital Marketing Campaigns

The world’s newest marketing term, E-marketing collateral

You may already be familiar with the term Marketing Collateral, which describes the set of media activities that are considered defaults when marketing is concerned. Among the most common examples are business cards, sales brochures and visual aids used in sales presentations.

Come to think of it, a business will probably find it very hard to survive without such tools. Imagine going to a meeting without a business card, or presenting your company without any visualization to support your proposition. Collaterals are the indispensable accessories that assist you in making a business everything you want it to be.

In this light, the versatile and diverse world of e-marketing has also followed suit. If you delve into the e-marketing world, there are now a set of e-marketing collaterals that have enforced themselves as givens.

To our surprise, Wikipedia had no entry under that title. There is yet to be an official term called E-Marketing Collateral. As specialized e-marketers, we wished to shed light on what we perceive as vital for brands to survive in the virtual world, i.e. the e-marketing collaterals that shape online marketing in the present time.

Some e-marketing collateral is evident, and they of course include professional e-presence, whether that is done through a website, a blog or any other form of existence. Another collateral that is of utmost importance is Search Engine Marketing. There isn’t much point in having an excellent website if no one sees it; which is why e-marketing tools such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SER (Search Engine Registration) are vital and, thus, considered as fundamental e-marketing collateral.

Your reach within the vast virtual world is yet another factor that cannot be overlooked. Depending on the reason behind your existence, you of course seek that interested people come across your business. In this case, your e-presence in relevant online directories becomes yet another e-marketing collateral that should not be overlooked. People who seek what you are offering use these search tools so, your presence in them comes as highly necessary.

And, of course, who can ignore social media? This dynamic method of communication has taken over our lives and has helped in uprisings and revolutions! But engaging in social media requires a clear strategy that works for your company. What social media tool best suits your needs? What kind of interaction would best benefit your business? What level of availability are you willing to provide through social media channels? These questions and many more, help determine what social media tools best suit you, as opposed to simply creating Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts aimlessly and without a predetermined plan of action.

Ultimately, these basic rules are the starting point to healthy e-marketing and must be clearly defined when a decision to enter the virtual world is made. Today, these basic rules have a name; E-MARKETING COLLATERAL.