3 Reasons Why Startups Must Opt for Cloud Hosting

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The startup culture and Cloud Hosting, both have one thing in common – they went from being buzzwords to serious business choices.

Essentially, startups are young independently owned organizations that are small in size, scale, and revenue. Be it an ice-cream parlour or a digital agency, startups, irrespective of the nature of the business, start small with under 500 employees. Moving past this stage requires a great deal of effort and most importantly, a strong online presence.

We are living in the social media age and whether one likes it or not, having an online presence is an absolute must for any business that is serious about achieving its objectives. It is only with a website that a business is able to establish itself as a “brand”. A website ensures that the brand has its home on the internet – a home that can open its doors to the audience that the brand wants to target, collect their data, and store it for future use. It is also with the help of a website that a brand can leverage digital marketing efforts by optimizing this audience data. This is also the reason that pushed a lot of popular media platforms to move to Cloud Hosting.

Having said that, creating a sophisticated-looking website also comes along with the many requirements that need to be taken care of for various reasons such as: 

  • The upkeep and updation of the website, 
  • Ensuring that the loadspeeds don’t put you to shame, and 
  • Ensuring that the website does not crash when a certain digital marketing campaign leads to an increase in the number of your website visitors. 

In order to ensure that all these criteria are met with a single fool-proof solution, choosing the right kind of web hosting is of pivotal importance since it is this factor that is going to form the backbone of your website.

Common public opinion says that Cloud Hosting is the most reliable form of web hosting. This applies to businesses of all shapes and sizes, especially startups. We are stressing on startups because this is the lot that has just started out, is doing a hundred different things to get the business up and running, slogging day and night to ensure that their audiences are able to find them on the internet at all times and dealing with sudden spikes in website traffic. While all this happens, only those websites that are hosted on the Cloud will be able to withstand the uncertainties. 

Here are the top 3 reasons why Cloud Hosting makes for the best choice for startups:

  1. Scalability

Assuming that everything goes well for a startup and it starts growing rapidly while it is still in its nascent stage, the company will soon need to invest in more servers to handle more storage and databases. With Cloud Hosting, it’s relatively easier to keep up with this demand by simply upgrading to a higher configuration. In this manner, Cloud Hosting allows users to scale up or even scale down their resources as and when required. Also, cutting-edge servers work towards handling more number of tasks using less energy, thereby increasing efficiency. Long story short, Cloud Hosting allows your brand to grow along with the brand’s growing business needs.

  1. Guaranteed High Performance

Faster load times, high-end infrastructure, low-density servers and state-of-the-art architecture, guarantee higher resource availability as well as high performance. This means that your website will never fall prey to longer load-times and/or frequent unexpected downtimes. Features such as data-mirroring and automated-failover ensure that the server load is either shared or transferred, depending on the circumstances, to keep the website up and running even in the face of unexpected spikes in website traffic.

  1. Low CAPEX

A killer business idea and a fool-proof business plan are not all that it takes to kickstart a business. Growing a business requires heavy investments, especially when it comes to ensuring that the business has an online presence. For this, finding a good web hosting plan is crucial. Now, as is the case with all crucial requirements, web hosting too comes at high costs. The procurement of the plan, maintenance and the manpower involved can all get quite expensive. It may even come to a point where budding entrepreneurs have to make a choice between hiring skilled talent and paying for a high-end web hosting plan. Cloud Hosting makes this decision easy by removing the cost factor out of the equation. Even when it comes to the emerging markets, plans such as Cloud Hosting India are commonly available at affordable rates, they not only help in saving costs but also allow entrepreneurs to use this money that was saved for other important requirements such as hiring more talent.

Given that a lot of new businesses are dynamic and volatile, Cloud Hosting makes for a better fit when it comes to meeting the requirements and priorities of these businesses. These are just three out of the many reasons that justify the notion that Cloud Hosting is a preferable option for startups. Additionally, there are several articles on the internet that dive deeper into the workings of a Cloud Hosting package; you can always give them a read!