An Overview about SSH Hosting in India

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Secure Shell (SSH) access enables you to log in to your web hosting account and use UNIX/Linux command line instructions to manage your website. This enables you to compress/decompress files effortlessly, automate backups and other tasks, modify file permissions for complete directory structures, etc.

The best SSH access can now be added as an additional attribute to the Hosting Raja’s website hosting plans. Our superior indigenously developed technology gives you the utmost level of SSH security, added with great flexibility of usage. Now you can obtain professional SSH hosting with numerous great features, powerful servers, free extras, and excellent customer service!

Make sure your data is secure, with Hosting Raja

Secure Shell hosting provides protected, the unwavering transmission of data between servers. Since we take pride in being a web developer hosting provider, developers are provided access to secure shell hosting on our Linux servers to make sure mission-critical data transmission can be trusted without packet interception. SSH hosting provides an encrypted and effective means for developers for secure file transfers (FTP), SQL connections and file access through Subversion (SVN) and other methods.

Our SSH web hosting solutions make use of public-key encryption at the topmost levels so you can trust remote connections. We support the SSH-2 protocols with dependable key exchanges and authentication, including the most up-to-date patches and updates. Combined with our consistent data center and network infrastructure, you can trust ASO to provide protected, advanced shell hosting.

SSH Hosting Features

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