Innovation & Know-how 2017


Conversation—a new method to interact with functions—took the ecosystem by storm with tools reminiscent of Siri, Cortana, and Allo, and then prolonged into properties with units reminiscent of Amazon Echo and Google Home. To make sugar candies or decorations, a thin layer of powdered sugar crystals is spread on the build platform of a printer. Water, food colours and flavors are then sprayed on the sugar, moistening it and turning into a solid, steady layer. The process is repeated as an object is constructed. I had consumed a heavy beer (four.5%) alcohol half-hour prior and I anticipated a gentle reading from the AlcoHawk. Blowing into the unit was simple and I like how the mouthpieces aren’t too large or too small to make use of. The breathalyzer beeped and in just some seconds, my reading of02 was displaced on the clear looking show in pink.Technology 2017

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